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How Arnie Eastburn at Water4Life Mozambique is Making a Difference

Background information:   Arnie Eastburn, President of Water4Life Mozambique, developed a real heart for missions after taking a mission trip to Mozambique in 2001. His passion led him to lead mission teams to Mozambique for 14 years, where he worked alongside missionary Orai Lehman, Vice President of Water4Life Mozambique.   Along with building churches in villages and working with the Jesus Film, when the mission teams consisted of pastors, they also taught at the Xai-Xai Bible College. As Bible students graduated, they went back to the northern provinces of Mozambique to plant churches, where congregations grew. People were growing spiritually but had illness and high mortality rate due to lack of accessible, drinkable water.     HOW we got started:...

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Introducing Our Loyalty Rewards Program

We'd like to introduce to you our loyalty reward program! This is where you can sign up and get points towards coupons off in a variety of different ways.  How to Earn Points 1. For just signing up you will earn 450 points. 2. Give $5 get $5. Upon signing up you will get your very own link where you can share this to people you know. They will get $5 off their first purchase and when they make their first purchase you will also receive a $5 off coupon. These coupons can be compiled together, so if you get 5 friends to sign up, you can get $25 off your next purchase. 3. Get 50 points for Liking our...

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Welcome to The Purest Drop

The Problem Here at The Purest Drop, we believe that one of the biggest problems in the world is people's access to safe and clean drinking water. At the time of writing this blog post 783 million people do not have a daily source of clean drinking water. That is 11% of the world's population that doesn't know where their next sip of clean water is coming from. For us, we feel that this is 11% too much! So we sought out for a change, a solution, a way to make the world a better, cleaner place. Our mission is to provide clean drinking water to you and to those in need, because we feel that everyone deserves to have...

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